Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coffee criminal

I live in Melbourne and I don't like coffee. In a city that takes coffee terribly seriously this makes me a criminal.

"I don't trust people who don't drink coffee", once stated a horrified friend (he obviously got over it). Drive by ST ALi in South Melbourne, speciality coffee experts, on a weekend and you'll see a long queue of people waiting for a hit. I just don't understand their passion.

What makes it worse is I am a full time mum living in Richmond. A new cafe pops up seemingly every five minutes around here. Most prams on the circuit (park, library, playgroups, etc) have coffee cups firmly in place on the handle bar. All mums proclaim they can't survive without it.

However, like everyone else, I love hanging out in Melbourne's fine cafes with my young family. I have to drink something while I am there. Thankfully the city is learning that us freakish cousins of coffee fanatics are thirsty for something truly great too, besides coffee.

Thus, I have become a Melbourne hot chocolate connoisseur.

I am starting this blog to chronicle my experiences hunting down seriously good hot chocolate in the city and its surrounds.

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