Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Iris and the Secret Squirrel, Richmond

As Melbourne's obsession with indulging in tight places continues, Iris and the Secret Squirrel is a new place squeezed into a gap between two buildings.

With baby asleep and toddler showing no signs of doing the same I happened to walk past here. As I was silently brainstorming where to stop for a breather with my massive double pram the wider-than-a-doorway entrance beckoned.

The hot chocolate: It is worth mentioning as a slight cut above the plethora of ordinary ones around town. The owner uses a premium powder that includes dark chocolate, thus why I liked it. This makes for a richer drink in colour and flavour over those that are just a chocolate milk. A sprinkle of real chocolate bits on top was a tasty touch.

The price: $3.50

The setting: A long, skinny, casual and friendly space. It will be great in summer as it is outdoors and well shaded.

Family friendly aspects: Once parked other patrons could squeeze past us, just. That said, you don't venture down this alley without expecting cosy proximity to everyone else. Other patrons happily enjoyed my toddlers antics, not expecting privacy in a convivial place.

Would I have another: Yes, especially since I can get in the door.

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