Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rowena Parade Corner Store, Richmond

You have got to love someone who puts that little extra effort into something otherwise simple.

On this thankfully picture-perfect first day of Spring, we wandered into the charming Rowena Parade Corner Store to find a pleasant surprise for a hot chocolate drinker.

The hot chocolate: Marshmallows and hot chocolates go hand-in-hand but rarely for good reason. They are thrown on the saucer and usually stolen by my toddler before I can get them in my tepid beverage that has no chance of melting them anyway.

At the Corner Store my large cup of hot chocolate arrived with a charred skewer of three half-melted marshmallows across the top. The melted goo blended sweetly with the particularly chocolaty froth on top. Someone had put in some extra effort for a lowly hot chocolate fan to flame them for me, and I certainly appreciated it.

The price: $4 for a generous sized cup.

The setting: The Corner Store is delightful. It is colourful and bright, cosy while comfortable, welcoming and relaxing.

Family friendly aspects: Popular with families, the Corner Store usually has a row of prams parked out the front, offers plenty of room inside and a courtyard out the back to spread out in.

Would I have another: Yes, I hope they keep up this little touch.

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