Monday, September 17, 2012

L’atelier de Monsieur truffe, East Brunswick

In the dim distant past (pre-kids) my husband and I visited an adorable Frenchman at his tiny stall in the Prahran market. He was unusually passionate about chocolate and had a unique approach in treating it like coffee: stating its country of origin and caring about its ethics. His products were outstanding.

Wheeling a baby in a pram with a toddler in hand into L’atelier de Monsieur truffe yesterday I was excited to see how far he has taken that passion.

The hot chocolate: Upon my request for a hot chocolate the waiter suggested I challenge myself with a 70% house blend. I asked him if he had anything harder. "Ooooo, there is the 85% African", he said provocatively. Bring it.

Everything about it was special. The intensely bitter drink demanded slow appreciation. I could taste the care that went into the chocolate. The spoon and saucer were wood. The cup was a handle-less piece of stoneware that reminded me of my Grandma. Such a dark drink would not suit the faint-hearted, but it sent my mood sky high.

The price: $5.40 for the 85% African blend hot chocolate.

The setting: I loved it. Stylish, spacious, buzzing, fascinating and fun. The chocolate making equipment is on show and Monsieur truffe's products can be ogled in a produce corner.

Family friendly aspects: Arriving with a relatively minuscule single pram in the generous space of the l'atelier I was greeted with, "Hum, the pram is a problem". Really?

Besides this minor service blight the girls and I felt welcome. Crayons were offered, the chocolate produce section was a wonder to explore, and the kids menu was thoughtful. Toddler was beside herself (as was I) with the discovery of cute chocolate robots to take home.

Would I have another: I can't wait! There is still the 70% house blend to try, or perhaps the single origin of the day. The food was delicious and the chocolate shop is somewhere I wish to spend a lot more time. Do I have the guts to buy some 100% Venezuelan? Where were the goji berry truffles hiding? How many robots should I stash? etc.

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