Monday, February 11, 2013

The Atrium Bar on 35, Sofitel on Collins, The City

It has been a long time between notable hot drinks, and thus blog updates.

However, whilst hiding from the heat on an quiet night out I came across something new for me - an alcoholic hot chocolate.

I was in the highly air conditioned alternate universe of the Atrium Bar on 35 inside the Sofitel on Collins. Found amongst their cocktails on the list was Frangelico and Amaretto Hot Chocolates. At $14 each I only gave one of them a go.

The hot chocolate: My Amaretto Hot Chocolate arrived in a tall glass cup, topped with plenty of whipped cream and some biccys on the side. The alcohol added a naughty spice to it. Besides that it was nothing special. Unfortunately.

The price: Terribly overpriced at $14.

The setting: Air conditioning and expansive views of the city were the highlights. Otherwise, I felt like a teenage out for the first time, pretending to be grown up but not knowing where to go. There was too much glass, draped fabric, hushed voices, and elevator chill-out music. It was like sitting in a bubble of anywhere as, I guess, hotel bars often are.

Family friendly aspects: I was on a rare adult night out. It is not the place for kids, thankfully.

Would I have another: No thank you.

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